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The Market is a premium, UK newsstand magazine.

Every issue features informative, inspirational editorial, covering the areas of investment, business, entrepreneurs, psychology, technology, environmental issues, property news and more...

Just some of the features in the current issue -

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In the current issue, Sabuhi Gard interviews the inspiring entrepreneur and winner of the first ever Apprentice TV show Tim Campbell.

He tells us what it is really like to work with Lord Sugar, what drives him in business and talks about his passion to support young entrepreneurs in the UK... In the video clip below he disscusses his success and also his Bright Ideas Trust, to support young people with great business ideas and accumen:

Also in the current issue, Gordon Ross catches up with the Brunel Universty design students for the second year running and picks his favorite innovative designs from the Made in Brunel exhibition ...See the video clip below to get a feel for this years inspiring exhibition which is entitled Journeys Fuelled by Ideas:

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The Market is a glossy monthly magazine that offers a contemporary look at the worlds of business, investment and culture. Aimed at intelligent, ambitious non-experts, The Market  breaks through jargon to offer guidance on all major areas of business, investment, property and finance in an engaging and understandable way.

Covering subjects from the latest business and investment news, real estate and stock market trends, to entrepreneur profiles and business psychology in every issue. The Market is motivating, inspirational and informative for an audience looking for ideas, advice and support in the changing economic climate. 

Why The Market magazine ?


Since the times of the ancient Egyptian marketplace where silver, spices and silks were traded, to the present day as we bid on eBay for a mountain bike or vintage couture, the market surrounds us in almost everything we do.

The property market rises and suddenly falls, pulling us in its wake, as we scurry to buy or sell at the elusive right time. 

The financial market surges and lags, causing long standing institutions, pillars of the establishment to fall like houses of cards. The stock market is one day volatile and unpredictable, the next calm and controlled like a well-oiled machine, leaving most of us baffled with its intricacy and jargon. 

Every day the money in our pocket buys less than it did a week ago and when we holiday abroad our precious Sterling seems to buy nothing, when only last year we lived the high life.

From the supermarket to the stock market, the job market to the black market, the market is with us, we live and breathe it.

The great marketeers in the advertising agencies sell us everything from Reebok to reality TV and we buy!

The Market magazine explains these different markets, makes sense of them, guides and entertains, reassures and motivates the reader to try something new. The Market is not a magazine for experts or intellectuals, but for intelligent, interested, ambitious non-experts. Each month we look at topical subjects, such as investing in wine and art, or the next property hot spots and understanding commodities and ethical investments.

We interview inspiring and fascinating people who have a story to tell and who offer their experience to the reader.

We strive to support our readership through difficult times, when they feel confused by the financial market, or are lost in the job market. And although we use the talents of some of the finest journalists and experts in their fields, The Market is not a highbrow, inaccessible title but an informative and entertaining read.


We hope you enjoy it. 

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